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Madras City Properties.com

Full Description

Madras City Properties.com is an online real-estate service committed to helping you make wise and profitable decisions related to buying, selling, renting and leasing of properties, in India and key global geographies. MCP.com will provide a fresh new approach to our esteemed users to search for properties to buy or rent, and list their properties for selling or leasing.

What do we promise?

Madras City Properties.com promises to be the most preferred way of finding your dream property, and we are committed to help you make a wiser property decision, as a buyer or a seller. We want our esteemed users to realize over time that Madras City Properties.com is an expert friend, who can help them make some of their biggest and important decisions in life in a sharper, faster and easier way.

The Madras City Properties.com team is committed to the following –

  • Understand the needs and concerns of Individuals, Families, Builders and Corporate, and provide them a common platform for realizing maximum benefits from real-estate field.
  • Provide a superior real-estate experience by making it easier, faster, secure and more accurate to find buyers for your valuable property, and sellers for the dream property you have been
    waiting for.
  • Give our customers complete control through easy to use interfaces and features that can help them identify, filter and contact potential buyers and sellers for properties

Why the name Madras City Properties.com?

Madras City Properties is an expert friend, who helps the user make wise property decisions. We strongly believe that once our users start using Madras City Property.com, they will realize over time that this is indeed a much better way to search for, and advertise properties, not only as compared to other online portals, but also when compared to the traditional print classifieds.

Easy to use

Madras City Properties.com has been made keeping the user in mind. We do not want you to come to our website and get lost within all the information that exists. We have incorporated advanced search functionalities, which help you find the information that you need, in a much
more accurate way, and in the least possible time.

Visually appealing

Madras City Properties.com has been designed keeping the usability in mind. We have taken great pains to conduct usability studies, and we strongly believe that MCP.com will appeal to users of all ages, across geographies. We have incorporated a number of design elements, which will leave you pleasantly surprised, once you start using our services.


How to register on Madras cityproperties.com?

You can register on Madras city properties.com through a simple registration process. Go to “Register Now” on Homepage and fill a simple form. You can choose your profile type (Individual, Agent, Builder, Corporate) and the form gets changed dynamically. Registered members of Madras City Properties.com can avail free member benefits like List your property and Post your requirements.

Area of Operations

The firm’s specialization currently covers Chennai city and adjoining areas, embracing Residential, Commercial and Farmhouse properties, as under:


Offers a wide variety of property options, from apartments to independent and semi-independent houses, both in the heart of the city and in the emerging suburbs. The main areas:


Farmhouses are concentrated in the outskirts of the city. These have become increasingly popular with expatriates as they offer spacious accommodation in beautiful lush green landscaped surroundings, normally complemented with swimming pools, tennis courts, gymnasiums, etc.


Most of these properties are located in commercial zones conforming to the requirements of local regulatory authorities, with the exception of some good options available in residential areas, which suit certain business establishments that have no public dealings on a day to day basis.

Special Services

  • Renting of Residential / Farmhouses and Commercial premises.
  • Evaluation of Property.
  • Consultancy.
  • Assisting in legal documentation and registration formalities.
  • Property development proposals covering collaborations between builders and landlords.
  • Specific research assignments including specialized services to meet the evolving real estate needs of clients.
  • Sale/ Purchase of Residential / Farmhouses and Commercial premises.

Contact Us

#5, 1st Street, 
Poes Road, 
Chennai 600 018




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