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Kanakadhara Builders

Kanakadhara Builders

Full Description

We provide a collaborative effort for your building project. We start by listening to you and strive to maximize the value within every building project. Commitment to excellence in everything we do is our passion, which shows in the work we do. Flat Promoters in Medavakkam |Flats in medavakkam|medavakkam flat promoters|flat promoter|promoters in medavakkam
While many in the industry view this business as “Commodity Business”, our clients see it differently, through the lens of the company’s emphasis on relationship building and true partnering approach.
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We have staked our reputation and future on service. It is our fundamental belief that service satisfaction builds loyalty and that loyalty is the cement of long-term, mutually profitable relationships.

We credit our ongoing success to our staff – a team of professionals with experience in all disciplines of real estate investment, finance, development, construction, management and marketing. It is their insistence on excellence and their ability to lead through innovation that has resulted in our accomplishments and exceptional reputation.

The cornerstone of our service philosophy is our desire to develop and maintain positive, long-term relationships with our clients and associates by being a good business advisor and partner, and with the communities and neighborhoods in which we live and work by being a good corporate citizen.

At Kanakadhara, we don’t make transactions, we make relationships – ones that last, continue to grow, strengthen and improve over time.

Located at West Mambalam, Chennai, India. Kanakadhara is a developer and long-term owner of industrial property with property management, asset management, leasing, construction management and development capabilities. The portfolio of properties owned approximates Two lakhs s.f. and is located in major distribution hubs throughout Chennai.

Kanakadhara Builders is one of the largest Construction company in Chennai with the following attributes:

Financial strength
The Company has strong financial resources that enable it to acquire and develop projects without relying heavily on outside capital. The 2 lakhs square foot portfolio is conservatively leveraged which generates significant cash flow.

Excellent investor and lender relationships
The Company has established a reservoir of banking and investor relationships that has served it well during the cyclical economic and market conditions that impact the real estate industry.

Excellent banking relations
Whether dealing with a major banking firm or a sole proprietorship, we place high value on our relationship with the Chennai banking community.

Strong corporate citizenship
Kanakadhara Builders prides itself on its reputation and community activity in the real estate industry and the larger business community.

Solid reputation
The Company’s hard work and commitment to quality have been key in establishing its reputation in the local and national real estate industries. As a business, we place great value on integrity, loyalty, quality and service, which has allowed us to stay in business for over 10 years.

No. 186/111, Flat No. S-1, Neeladhri,
Lake View Road, West Mambalam,
(Near PublicHealth Centre),



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