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The first and best choice of a child care for any parent is their mother’s place, a Grandma’s Place for the Child.

At a Grandma’s Place, a child is assured of unconditional love, patience in guiding and grooming, a safe and hygienic environment, fresh, nutritious and tasty food, life perspective stories and good value systems. Kanchana Paati, My grandma’s Place has been modeled around this belief.

Our Mission is to provide a flexible, convenient, high quality child care service to a parent, fun and excitement of a Grandma’s place for their child.As convenience features, we provide Mineral Water, freshly prepared snacks and fresh, nutritious and child friendly food. Our centres are centrally located for ease of drop and pick. We are open between 8 am to 8 pm. We are closed only on Sundays and major corporate holidays. Our Director, Ms Pamela Samuel mentors and monitors our staff to ensure Grandma’s Quality of service and the fun and excitement of a Grandma’s Place for your Child.

My first School was created to impart value based learning and is a good stepping stone for a child to enter a regular school. Our Director, Ms Vipula has assumed the responsibility of continuous improvement in curriculum, delivery methodology, training our play pre school teachers, and assessing the progress of every child in our multiple centres. My activity centre was created to initiate focus, confidence, self belief, self esteem and while acquiring a skill which could be both physical and mental. Our Director, Ms.Shahuna Zvarera fine tunes the programs to make it child friendly.

We believe in continuous improvement. All our staff are inducted and trained in our belief, to be professionally and passionately be involved while serving your child. We have a 12 hr customer care to receive, feedback, suggestion and complaints from parents and the inputs are used in our training programs.

With good support and patronising from our Parents, our dedicated and passionate team of Directors, Centre Head, Child Mentors, Play group, Pre School teachers, Supervisors, Support staff, Business Development, HR and Customer Care team, we have grown into 10 centres within 45 months of existence. We will continue our journey of offering Quality Child Care service in many more locations.

Our Vision : To be the first Choice of Child Care, Play Group, Pre School, After School and Activity Centre for any Parent for their child, available at their place of need.

Our Promise : A place like your mother’s for your child.

Customer Care 97909 10970 customercare@kanchanapaati.in
Business Development 97909 20970 biz.dev@kanchanapaati.in
Enquiries 97909 30970 enquiries@kanchanapaati.in
H.R 96770 72970 hr@kanchanapaati.in
96770 10930; 2446 6200
New No.60, Old No.101,
5th street,Padmanabha Nagar.
Adyar, Chennai 20,





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