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J.P pet speciality Hospital

J.P pet speciality Hospital

Full Description

JP Pet specialty hospital was opened in Adyar in 1988 to cater to the needs of dog lovers in Chennai.
Dr. R. Jayaprakash, the founder of JP Pet specialty hospital, now has more than 25 years of experience in canine practice.
He has vast experience in companion animal, livestock & zoo animal treatment.
Dr. Jayaprakash is currently working as Associate Professor, Department of Surgery in Madras Veterinary College.
He has presented more than 25 papers about various challenges in small animal practice in several companion animal practice journals.
Dr. Jayaprakash is sitting secretary of small animal practitioners association of Chennai.
He is chairman of Federation of small animal practitioners association of India.
He has attended several International small animal practitioners’ conferences that were held in various countries around the globe.
Many young veterinary graduates of other states are coming to his clinic to undergo 15 days – 1 month training in small animal practice under his supervision.
Currently, three canine care specialists are working in his clinic to provide professional services to dog lovers of the city.

JP Pet specialty Hospital offers General Consultation, Puppy care tips, Vaccination, Deworming, Breeding advice and Treatment tips and specialty treatment for specific diseases and surgeries for specific conditions.
Speciality Treatment
Specialty treatment will be given for the following diseases.
1. Chromic skin ailment
2. Cardiac problems
3. Chronic neuro muscular defects
4. Liver disorders
5. Repeat breeding
Surgeries Conducted
JP Pet Hospital has well equipped operation – theatre with all the latest equipments including Boyls apparatus, vital signs monitor & oxygen unit to carry out surgeries successfully in total aseptic condition.
Some of the surgeries conducted by us are:
1. Soft Tissue Surgery
2. Dental Surgery
3. Cataract Surgery
4. Ear Cropping
5. Tumor Removal
6. Animal birth control
7. Caesarian Section
8. Orthopedic Surgeries
Contact Address
Dr. R.Jayaprakash,
MVSC (Surgery), Ph.D., FFAO (USA),
JP Pet Speciality Hospital,
7, Teacher’s Colony,
Kasthuribai Nagar,
Adyar, Chennai – 20.
Phone : 044 – 24411909 (Hospital)
Mobile : 9444 385393




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