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Durga Driving School

Limca book of Records

 Durga Driving School

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Established in 1995, we have forget ahead into the new millennium with a tag as one of the most recognised driving school in Chennai.

We are proud to say that Limca Book of records have recognized us as the largest driving school for women in India in their latest 2003 issue. We have taught over 10000 women to drive two wheeler and over 5000 students including men and women to learn car driving. Our main motto is to make our students drive car and two-wheeler (without knowing cycling) independently through our concept of Freedom on Wheels . By providing quality service and excellent coaching for all our customers we have been successful in coaching our students.

Today is an era in which women are entering various fields and succeeding in each of them. Gone all the days when women well restricted to the kitchens and were operated as mere toys. But still, women depend on their male counterparts most of the limits. On the other hand men are not able to satisfy the needs of the females who depend on them due to their heavy workload in and out. This driving schools has been opened as a result of these lingering thoughts.


Girls studying in schools and colleges are not able to reach in limits and comfortably by buses. They have to go through several hardships such as pickpockets, their silly male counterparts, bus strikes, possessions. Old aged people find is difficult to even get into the bus. What about the women who look after the home? They have to pay Electricity bill, Telephone bill, buy Milk tokens their monthly ration and accessories.

When they need to go to the doctor unexpectedly they had to go for auto inspite of heavy charges other words they had to go all along by walk which is buy training during the wrack of the sun. These hardships made me very eager to help them. The result was ‘A two wheeler driving school’. I was very sure well put an end to these problems one for all.

When the news about ‘Durga Driving School’ is being realized by various multimedia I am very glad to say this institution is a first of its kind for women by a women. I am very pleased to say that my school has been proper recognition by the Govt.of Tamil Nadu.

For the course, we have fixed a age of 16 yrs. Women more than 65 years are also being trained. There is no discrimination of age, sex, Religion, language, married or unmarried, widows, divorcees etc. My main motto in that women should be able to live decently trainees without depending on others. My trainees include house wife’s, lawyers, Doctors, Bankers, Professionals etc.

Women not only from all parts of Tamil Nadu but also from others states come here just for the sake of learning the art of driving which they do with absolute care.

No 16, Indiranagar Shopping Complex,
3rd Avenue, Indiranagar,
Adyar, Chennai 600 020.
Ph: 24415523/ 24412039
Cell: 9884523204




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