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Full Description

Diksa was founded in the year 2000 to contribute to the field of specific learning disabilities using a three pronged approach.

1. Holistic development of the child as a complete individual
2. Training and mentoring teachers in the field
3. Equipping parentswith the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary in parenting their children

Diksa offers the following services to its three constituents:

1. One-to-one remediation in reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic.

This involves customized lesson plans and tutoring for each child for a minimum of two to three hours a week for a sustained period of at least two years.

Children undergoing this remediation have mild to moderate level of learning difficulties and come from main stream schools.

This is preceded by a parent interview and an assessment.

Diksa uses a five level framework to group the children according to their capabilities, irrespective of their age or class of study. This is meant to provide us a prognosis of the effort intensity and duration required for the child.

2. Pull-out programme for moderate to severe dyslexic children from main stream schools

Our pull out programme is for children in primary schools where the level of difficulty is severe.

This programme is normally run in collaboration with schools.

Children come to the centre during schools hours for remediation.

Diksa works constantly with the school and the parents to assess progress.

Normally children who make progress in the pull-out programme graduate to evening one-on-one remediation.

3. Teacher training programme

Sudha offers teacher training under the aegis of diksa as well as other special schools. The teacher training consists of twenty five sessions of theoretical inputs and is supported by practical training under supervision.

4. Assessment and screening services for diagnosis of dyslexia

Diksa offers informal assessment and screening tests for dyslexia. An assessment is a mandatory prerequisite to avail of special concessions for Board exams. An assessment is also an important aid in designing lesson plans for the child.

5. Parent workshops

Diksa offers workshops for parents to enhance their awareness about the field and also provide a platform for peer sharing of success stories. Workshops also focus on equipping parents with special skills in parenting.

6. Instrumental enrichment programme to enhance the learning propensity of children and young adults

Diksa offers a thinking skills workshop for children and young adults based on Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment (F.I.E) Program.

The workshop is meant to enhance the cognitive processing of the child and young adult and thereby upgrade his or her I.Q.

The methodology involves the use of the fourteen instruments of the Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment Program. These instruments are structured and sequential paper- pencil activities.


Ms. Sudha Ganesh,
11, I Floor,
Vijayaraghava Lane,
T. Nagar,
Chennai 600 017.
Phone : 044 – 28156301
E-mail : diksatrust@bsnl.in





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