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Dessin Academy

Dessin Academy

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We are small, yet dedicated and enthusiastic web design studio located in Chennai, India. We hold a permanent Exhibition cum sale of art in our art centre. Custom painting can also be done to suit the ambience. We also conduct Art and craft classes for kids and adults. We love building clean,Framing works, book publishing unique Websites, Corporate Identities, Stunning designs for Banner, brochures, pamphlets, ad materials, fabulous flash presentations, Animations and much more. We are not a huge agency. We don’t want to be huge; we take enjoyment in being small, nimble and productive design studio that can give your project the attention it deserves. We promote standards and bring energy and commitment to our work every single day.

essin School of arts is an institute which was started 7 years ago with just 4 students in it. Now the institute has 28 branches all over Chennai with more than 600 students in it. Every student is taught the basic nuances of art in the beginning and the students learn and develop their art skills in a very organized way. A student undergoes a gradual development starting with pencil drawing and then pen drawing and the student moves on to pastels when the student masters in it he/she moves on to water coloring, acrylic painting and oil painting. Dessin School of arts offers different courses like:
1. Diploma courses
2. Certificate courses
3. Regular courses
4. Home classes in art is also available

The students from our institute have participated in several competitions and even national level competitions and won many awards. Exhibitions are conducted every year regularly with maximum 25 students participating in it. Each student presents 8 paintings.


The exhibition conducted in Dessin School of arts offers a platform for its students to exhibit their talents in various ways. We offer different themes for different age groups and the years of experience. There are 4 different themes.

1. Crazy crayons:As the name says the students who belong to this theme present 8 different works using pastels.

2. Rainbow colors:The students who belong to this group present their works using 4 different mediums like pastels, water colours, pencil colors and pencil shading.

3. Gentle waves:This group consists of senior students who present their works in acrylic painting. The work of these students contain only realistic paintings

4. Colorful canvas:The work of the students in this group contains a mix of realistic and abstract paintings. Even the students in this group are supposed to present acrylic painting.

A painting is framed so that it looks more beautiful. All kind of paintings like acrylic, oil, water colors etc can be framed. A frame shows the contrast between the wall and the painting in a very beautiful way. Another specialty of framing is that a picture can have the appropriate frame which has a color that suits the painting. Frames with gold and silver work are also available and this kind of frames suit tanjavur paintings. The size of the frame depends on the size of the painting. Acrylic paintings are devoid of a glass and all the other kinds of paintings,water colours, pastel works, oil paintings and caricature art are framed along with a glass so that the painting is protected.

  • Address : N0 48/2,outer Circular Road, Kilpauk Garden, Kilpauk.
  • City : Chennai
  • Zip : 600 010
  • State : Tamil Nadu
  • Country : India
  • Land Mark : Near JJayalitha stadiun
  • EMAIL ID: dessinacademy@gmail.com, rajendran@dessinacademy.com, dessinschoolofarts@gmail.com




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