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Central Cottage

Central Cottage

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India has been an enigma to many across the globe. A Country that has inspired trends, aroused curiosity, delighted tourists and at the end of it, all left an impression on the minds of everybody who has visited it.

The World famous Central Cottage Industries Emporium is the India’s window to the world for nearly over 60 years for authentic handloom and handicraft products. Post colonialism, seeing the adverse effects of industrialization on the Indian economy and social milieu, a need was felt to give Indian crafts its rightful place and enthuse the parched creative spirits of millions of craftspersons across the country and help them to earn a decent livelihood. In 1952, cottage was conceived by a band of dedicated art lovers and their consistent endeavour led to the creation of “ Cottage” – the abode of Indian handloom & handicrafts that helped to restore the craftspersons pride in their work, recognized their genius and gave them a viable and honoured future.

Sixty years down the lane, “Cottage” with flagship showroom in Delhi and showrooms in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangaluru, stands tall helping India and the world, access to the finest crafts with an assurance of authencity, beauty and value, setting standards in aesthetics and design. It also has an exclusive lifestyle showroom at Rajiv Gandhi Handicrafts Bhawan in New Delhi. The emporium showcases the finest crafts from all over India under one roof ranging from exquisite sculptures, paintings, artifacts, metal ware, woodcraft, pottery, stoneware & marble craft, branded Bankura silver, carpets, furniture, furnishings, home linen, sarees, ready to wear, accessories, jewellery, craft items, herbal products and much more. Each product is unique reflecting the traditional myths, folklores, religious beliefs, cultural ethos and rich heritage of India. Also cottage is largely instrumental in creating traditional handicrafts and handlooms into high fashion goods to suit modern usage while retaining the basic ethnic values. It has also engaged itself with craft clusters in different parts of the country for providing marketing support to the product development. Cottage has also been playing major role in the revival of languishing crafts.

The emporium has promoted handicraft and handloom on a multiple front, embracing market research, handpicked selection, design development, impeccable quality, careful variety, fixed prices, imaginative promotions, a basket of auxiliary services like customized corporate gifting, interior designing services, packing/shipping facilities, specialized gift wrapping, ATM, foreign exchange counters etc.

Envisaged as a showcase of the creations of Indian craftsmen, weavers and folk artists the Central Cottage Industries Emporium has been a favourite with customers in India and the World over. It has taken special care to make sure that you get a feel of what the real India is all about through its products, décor, exhibitions and everything else that goes with it.

The emporium has attracted a number of heads of States, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, delegates and host of other dignitaries from across the globe. What began as an endeavour to preserve the traditional craftsmanship and excellence of skill as a part of national heritage has now become a cultural movement in its own way. It has brought about togetherness in all the various forms of arts, crafts and apparel of India under one roof. From a tiny sales depot the emporium has now been developed into the largest single emporium in the Country with extensive reputation and a stamp of ethnicity, authenticity and quality on all the merchandise it shelters. Come & discover the magic of India through the eyes of the Cottage.

One can surely say “Cottage” epitomizes the heart and essence of India. So come and feel it for yourself



Central Cottage Industries
CCIC has undertaken ID Projects for Corporate Offices, including Showrooms, art galleries, offices of senior Government Officers, Residence of High Officials etc.

The Cottage provides interior decoration solutions on turn key basis.

Our experienced team of experts is attuned with emerging interior concepts and trends.

Projects for corporate, service sector industries and hotels have been completed successfully.

The Cottage has the largest ensemble of home décor accessories. From over 20,000 artifacts, 2,000 carpet designs, 2,000 furniture designs and unmatched variety of exquisite home linens, we can create interiors as per your distinctive tastes and preferences.

Contact Ms. Palak Kawatra for further details at 011-23326790, 011-23321909.


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