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CampusUK Ltd is a leading education consultancy which specialises in providing professional and free counselling service to students in India to pursue their higher studies in UK, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. CampusUK offer services to the students through its offices located at Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore and Cochin. CampusUK head office is based in the UK.

CampusUK was started by professionals who have graduated and worked in India and have set up successful businesses in the UK. We have an in-depth understanding and experience of both British and Indian culture, life style, education, work experience and social values. With this experience in hand, we can proudly say that we are in a unique position to guide the students to acquire world-class educational qualification by giving the right services. We can assure that our definite presence and first-hand experience in the UK for over two decades will bring a new dimension to the overseaseducation promotion in India.

We are committed to adhere to high professional standards and we provide full, honest and accurate information about Overseas Institutions, the courses and facilities they offer.

CampusUKcounsellors understand the individual requirements of the student and recommend suitable courses to study at the Universities by taking the academic strength, finance and subject interest of the students into consideration. We also appropriately advise on the availability of scholarships with various Universities and encourage the students to apply for these scholarships with our guidance. Our counsellors can help to deal with any financial constraints the student may have.

Whether you are looking to study Undergraduate, Post graduate, Research courses, or MBA abroad and/or want to gain further higher education qualification including Computing science, Bio Technology, Networking, Robotics, Fashion Design, Motor Sport, International Business, Hotel Management and a range of other specialisations, we can assist you as per your requirement.

We perform according to the regulatory conditions and comply with official visa policies in both abroad and India. CampusUK offers simple, fast and effective visa counselling and our students have been highly successful in getting visa approvals. We have working relationships with immigration consultants in the UK to offer further advise on immigration and visa extensions.

CampusUK offers professional IELTS coaching by experienced IELTS trainers through our centres at each of our offices.

We also have an association with leading Forex and travel firms in India to offer travel and Forex services.

We hope you find the information in our website useful and we look forward to meet you soon at our CampusUK offices.


31/11, Kamdhar Nagar
Ist Street, Mahalingapuram
Chennai – 600034
Tamilnadu, India.



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