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Journey back into bisleri’s history to understand the unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, and focus on customer need, that have made Bisleri the benchmark for bottled water in India


The Aqua Green Revolution began with an ambitious dream:
An India in which every person has uninterrupted access to scientifically purified and fortified drinking water, irrespective of geographical barriers or economic limitations.


The Aqua Green Revolution urges us to innovate continuously, to provide every Indian access to scientifically purified and fortified drinking water that is readily available and easily affordable; and to support initiatives that rejuvenate the Earth’s natural sources of pristine drinking water.


Trust: Build trust in every single individual who interacts with the brand.

Innovation: Approach innovation not as a can-do, but as a must-do.

Seamlessness: Integrate smaller goals seamlessly to achieve the larger objective.

Commitment: Sow the seeds of commitment at every step towards the goal.

At the forefront of the Aqua Green Revolution is, a team that builds itself around a Vision, a Mission and Values.

Team Bisleri, guided by the vision and energy of Mr. Ramesh Chauhan, is shaping the Aqua Green Revolution into a movement that will transform the lives of millions.




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