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Batcha Bai

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Batcha Bai

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The story starts in 1855, when my great great grandfather entered the meat business… and today we have this internationally sprawling meat empire… Ok.. Guess you realized… That’s so not true!!!

The real truth is that the story starts in 2011… with the single aim of providing the freshest and tastiest meat to your doorstep, all the while handling it in the most hygienic manner.

We have gone through pains (nope… absolutely no pain… we love having done all this out of our own love for meat… and well.. yes, our love for you), learning from experts in this industry and academia. We have tried to perfect the system by regular checking, by qualified persons, for quality and safety of the meat, packing and sealing with state of the art food grade materials and untouched by hand. It is transported and stored as per scientific standards preventing germs or contamination of any kind. It is protected from the sweltering Chennai heat (heat causes germs to multiply exponentially… something stores here seem to conveniently forget) by means of special temperature controlled vehicles and delivered to your hands! Now all you have to do it put on your apron and cook away!!!


100 Medavakkam Tank Road
Chennai 600 010



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