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Autism Aromatherapy

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Autism Aromatherapy

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We are leading manufacturers of 100% pure organic essential oils. Our oils are of therapeutic grade. Our manufacturing unit is located in Aligarh (U.p.),India which is 150 km. east of new Delhi.it is state of art unit employing well trained workers. Most of our raw material sourced from near by villages and the rest comes from various parts of India and other countries. All the oils manufactured by us under go strict quality and purity checks. We supply essential oil both nationally and internationally to institutions and individuals involve in the treatments of autism and related disorder. Other product manufactured by us are diffuser oils, blend oils,and per blend body massage oil all of which are useful in autism and related disorder.it is our constant endeavour to improve the quality of our products and to manufacture newer and better products to help the people who need them the most. Any suggestions or criticism in this regard is most welcome

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that can be harmful if not used carefully. By treating essential oils as medicines and following the steps outlined below, you will be well on your way to safely enjoying the many benefits that aromatherapy can offer. These safety guidelines are not a complete safety reference for the proper use of essential oils. When in doubt, consult your physician and/or a qualified and trained aromatherapy practitioner.

Do not use undiluted essential oils on the skin. Some oils can cause sensitization or allergic reactions in some individuals. When using a new oil for the first time, do a skin patch on a small area of skin. Place a small amount of the diluted essential oil on the inside of your elbow and apply a bandage. Wait 24 hours to see if there is any form of reaction. Some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy or by those suffering from asthma, epilepsy, or with other health conditions.

When using essential oils, use the smallest amount of essential oils that will get the job done. Do not use two drops, if the job is done from one drop. Not all essential oils are suitable for use in aromatherapy. Keep essential oils away from the reach of children. Keep them out of the way of fire hazards.

Essential oils should not be taken internally and should only be taken internally after receiving a detailed consultation and prescription from a trained and qualified aromatherapy practitioner.

Essential oil noted to stimulate the limbic region of the brain:
• Vetives
• Frankincense
• Sandalwood
• Eucalyptus
• Cedarwood
• Lavender

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