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Ashta Germs

Restore quality,sustainable pricing,timely delivery

Ashta Germs

Full Description

Across the world, corporations striving to be more productive, look to meeting the key needs of their customers through exceptional quality that can help them attract and retain patrons. Corporates are looking for reliable partners for procuring required materials. Key values that companies look forward to – are Reliability,Sustenance and Timely delivery. You have the opportunity to find the best possible way of attracting and retaining customers by partneringwith the finest vendors.

 We are a professionally managed organization with a determination to offer the best quality to our customers at mutually beneficial prices. We are based in Chennai, in India and have a direct presence across India and are presentthrough group companies in Europe.
Our affiliates in key gemstone origins help us procure at the source, enabling us to offer consistent quality at the best possible price.

We, at Astha Gems understand how much customers mean to you, and that you will choose the very best when it comes to procurement for them. Our solutions come with a host of unique benefits and best of quality, which have helped various Organizations build value for themselves and their customers At AGI, we strive to offer RELIABLE QUALITY, SUSTAINABLE PRICES and TIMELY DELIVERY of all colored stones

Provide a comprehensive solution to procure precious and semi precious stones in an effective and integrated manner.We aim to help you prudently manage your stock levels and sustain quality and price levels to your customers. Our robust procurement and logistics strategy will help us give you the best products at optimum price levels.

Registered Office:- FLAT NO . 1
OLD NO.6 / NEW NO. 11
T.NAGAR, CHENNAI – 600 17.
Email:- customercare@aasthagems.com
Contact Number:- +919910087636
Website:- www.aasthagems.com








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