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ARKAYA is the quality of the sun that heals afflictions. It embodies the guru spirit, throwing light on the undiscovered aspects of ourselves. ARKAYA’s objective is to empower people to enliven themselves through the many courses and activities it organizes. The centre is devoted to infusing the spirit of self-awareness, which is symbolized by the word ARKAYA

Each of us must endeavour to enable the divinity in us to shine through. A healthy lifestyle and attitudes are necessary for growth. The teachings are based on classical Ashtanga Yoga that enables us to see the interconnectedness of everything. It is a deep science whose depths can be fathomed once we dive deeper into ourselves. The mind opens up to many dimensions. We move towards balance and integration of body, emotions, mind, intellect and soul. Maitreyi – Founder of Arkaya is connected to the lineage of Rishi Brigu through her Guru Dr Swami Gitananda and Gurupatni Meenakshi Devi.


- Conducts Yoga programmes and regular classes for adults and children.

- Trains corporates in the application of Yogic concepts in self management and stress management.

- Organises events to create awareness on culture, spirituality, environment, healthy living.

Yogacharini Maitreyi has beautifully systematized and allowed into being what she has gleaned from life. Classical ArkaYoga is shared.

Arka means light that heals and inspires. It is one of the names of the sun and symbolizes the guru spirit that leads us back to our original selves.

The following practices are an inherent apart from various other tools that help us enjoy and stabilize our body, emotions and mind and then transcend it.

Jathis -conscious rhythmic movement to build awareness
Kriyas -powering movement with energy to purify
Asanas – art of being and body language,
Pranayama -conscious expansion of energy
Mudra – mystic seal/mood modifiers
Mantra- tool to stabilize the mind
Bhajans – Singing source vibrations
Dharana – Concentration techniques
Preparation for Dhyana – Meditation or mystic absorption
Arkayoga moves away from compartmentalization and sees the seamless blending of Bakthi yoga (devotion to the divine), Jnana yoga (clarifying and purifying the thought process), Raja Yoga (royal route to liberation), Mantra yoga (science of sound vibration), Hatha yoga (balancing of yin and yang, sun and moon energies through the practices) and Karma yoga (selfless service).

It looks into the system of Ashtanga yoga (eight limbed path) as a structure and guideline for evolution.

Arkayoga allows us to accept ourselves and life in its myriad shades. It is classical yoga to harmonise modern living.
It is Living Dakshina Marga Tantra – The right hand path of union

The focus in the classes is using the body, emotions and mind as an offering unto the universal potential of goodness. The principles of Sat (ultimate reality) Chit (pure consciousness) and Anandam (bliss) are tuned into.

The emphasis in Arkayoga is on awareness, alignment and harmonising of body, emotions and mind with the universal consciousness.

The techniques and awareness take us from one level or state of existence to more aware states of being. One needs to take responsibility for ones life and stabilize in each state. Hence the emphasis is not just on ability but stability and stickability. This paves the way for transformation.

The practices focus on cleansing and purifying the system. The nervous system is soothed and strengthened. The approach helps one ground in common sense. The development of sixth sense is a natural fallout of the practices. We constantly die to old patterns of behaviour and are reborn into newer, more refined and happier ways of being.
The poem below by Rumi symbolizes these thoughts.

“I died from minerality and became vegetable;
And From vegetativeness I died and became animal.
I died from animality and became man.
Then why fear disappearance through death?
Next time I shall die
Bringing forth wings and feathers like angels;
After that, soaring higher than angels -
What you cannot imagine,
I shall be that.”

Maitreyi has studied the Ashtanga Yoga of Swami Gitananda for many years. This paramparya has nourished her body and spirit. She is connected to the lineage of Rishi Brigu through Swamiji. Her gratitude to Swamiji and Amma, Meenakshi Devi for the teachings.

As a gesture of love and gratitude Maitreyi is hosting a web site about Swami Gitananda.

Swami Gitananda

Heartfelt gratitude for parents who have taught her a lot about life and heartfelt gratitude to her grandfather who inspired her in many ways towards “simple living and high thinking”

Love and gratitude to friends who are students and students who have become friends.

Her love and gratitude to all the universal beings who have lit the pathless path.
The deeper teachings as one sees come from the Hiranyagarba or the golden womb. May we always be connected to the Golden womb or the Source Energy. May the joy of BEING reflect in us. May the light shine through us.

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