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Arc Jewellers

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Our Parental Concern ARC Jewellers was established in 1885 by Mr. A.Rethinam Chettiar in Mayiladuthurai(Mayuram),it was the first commericial outlet for jewellery in Tamil Nadu as per documnets posted by Government of India.

Later his three sons A.R. Natesa Chettiar,A.R Aarumuga Chettiar and A.R.Sundaram Chettiar followed his footsteps.ARC group developed and diversified as with the needs and wants of our dedicated customers who are world wide spread.

Diamonds are precious, lustrous gemstones made of highly-compressed carbon. Diamonds are one of the hardest materials known.Diamonds have a hardness of 10, a specific gravity of 3.5, and a refractive index of 2.417 – 2.419. Colors of diamonds range from Colorless, yellow, orange, brown, to almost black. Rarer colors are red, blue, green, and purple; these colors (called fancies) are quite valuable. Canary diamonds have a deep yellow color.

A diamond’s value is based on the “4 C’s”: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight.

  • A diamond’s Color (saturation) is rated on an alphabetical scale ranging from D (white) to Y (yellow). “Z” diamonds are fancy, or deep-colored diamond.
  • A diamond’s Cut is designed to maximize the stone’s natural “fire”; brilliant cuts are preferred. A diamond’s clarity depends on the number and size of its flaws and inclusions (of other minerals, like quartz).
  • Clarity is rated from FI (flawless), IF (flawless at 10x magnification), a series of V ratings (very small flaws at 10x magnification), a series of S ratings (small flaws at 10x magnification), to I1, I2, and I3 (having inclusions visible to the naked eye).
  • A diamond’s Carat weight is simple how much it weighs (a carat is about 0.2 grams or about 0.007 ounces). The largest-known gem-quality diamonds include the Cullinan (aka the Star of Africa, 530.20 carats), the Excelsior, the Great Mogul (an ancient Indian diamond which is said to have originally weighed 787.5 carats, but its location is not not known and nothing about it has been authenticaed), the Darya-i-Nur, the Koh-i-Nur, and the Hope diamond (named for a purchaser, Henry Thomas Hope).


Gold is a precious metal that has been valued by people since ancient times. People use gold for coins, jewelry, ornaments, and many industrial purposes. Until recently, gold reserves formed the basis of world monetary systems.

Gold is a very soft metal when it is pure (24 Kt. is pure gold). Gold is the most malleable (hammerable) and ductile (able to be made into wire) metal. Gold is usually alloyed (mixed with other metals, often silver and copper) to make it less expensive and harder. The scientific abbreviation of gold is Au.

The purity of gold jewelry is measured in karats. Some countries hallmark gold with a three-digit number that indicates the parts per thousand of gold. In this system, “750″ means 750/1000 gold (equal to 18K); “500″ means 500/1000 gold (equal to 12K).

Karat Percent Gold 
24 Kt. 100% Gold
22 Kt 91.6 % Gold
18 Kt. 75% Gold
14 Kt. 58.3% Gold
10 Kt. 41.7%




Silver is a fine, silver-white metal often used in jewelry. Pure silver has a hardness of 2.5. Other metals are alloyed with silver (usually copper) for silver used in jewelry making.

Silver tarnishes after exposure to air (a thin layer of silver-oxide forms on the surface). Silver often occurs near copper lodes.




Established in 1992 we @ Chennai, Manufacture jewellery for both retail and wholesale purpose,The main focus has been on Designer Jewellery done by Mrs.Geetha.We specialise in ‘TEMPLE JEWELERY’ which has been unique of its kind.

114,Kodambakkam High Road,
Nungambakkam ,
Chennai- 600034

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