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antalya holidays

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Turkey is located between Asia and Europe, and that is why the country is considered to be a link between the eastern and western cultures. Turkey is a modern country though it has a very long history. There are many historical places to be seen.
Apart from the historical places, you should also know something about the climate, food and culture so that you are well prepared for your trip to Turkey. More details about must see things and attractions in Bodrum as well as reservation options you can find there.
You can find tomatoes, white cheeses, bread and black olives for breakfast in Turkey. Do not expect eggs as they given only occasionally. Lunch usually comprises of chicken, fresh fruit, bulgar pilaf dish or lamb. Prizollas are made of lamb, which is flavored with sumac and thyme. Dinner and lunch commonly have soups like wedding soup which is made of shanks of the lamb. The dinner starts with appetizers and then salads and eggplants and “manti” follows. Sardines, spiced lamb meatballs and mackerel are the general food you can have.
Usually desserts will always be fresh fruits and Turkish specialties along with Turkish coffee.
Turkey is dominated by a continental climate. The coastal regions have a mild climate. It is better to visit during autumn and spring. The days are usually long during spring, and the month of April is rainy. Autumn also has mild weather, but the month of October experiences rainfall. It rains in winters and summers in Turkey. So, take clothes accordingly for your trip. Winter in Turkey is long and cold, and the country experiences heavy snowfall. On the other hand, the summers are usually short and hot.
Turkish people are highly polite. Do not shake hands with the opposite sex because it is believed to be socially unacceptable. This primarily because of the religion followed in the country. Be careful never to point the sole of your feet to other people as it is considered to be impolite and rude. The same is also true when pointing fingers.

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