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Mrs. Ruth Prabakar, AGBM


Full Description

The IBR Global MBA is “Made in Germany”. The quality of our MBA has been assessed by the German, Swiss and Austrian industries, culminating in a premium seal accreditation being awarded to it.

Should you be an executive, proficient in English, with working experience in a managerial position the IBR MBA could be a good option for you. Our product offering aims to equip you with not only an academic orientation to modern business management, but more importantly, to equip you with a hands-on practical orientation to business management at an executive level.

Instead of studying based on academic case studies, we custom design the MBA to fit the needs of your organization. Under the guidance of the IBR Global MBA faculty you will be placed in a position to experiment with business opportunities and entrepreneurial initiatives, which you previously did not consider attainable. This dispensation is further enhanced by the ability to implement that which you previously considered only a dream in your career future.


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