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Acme Pest Control

Acme Pest Control

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Acme Pest Control

Our main aim is to be recognized as a company who deliver complete customer satisfaction. We provide complete, advanced and professional services for termites, cockroaches, rats, silverfish, mice, rodents, ants etc. We use only the best and guaranteed chemicals in the market and with the dedicated and technically qualified and trained service personnel, we have proved ourselves competent enough to handle and complete any volume of pest control assignments.

Who We Are :
Highly dangerous and poisonous Pests like insects, cockroaches, rats, termites, rodents and bats are walking hither & thither in your house and also alarming life of your dearest ones, then don’t worry because Acme Pest Control offers absolute pest control solution to all customers. We set up ourselves with the aim to become one of the leading pest control service provider who always delivers complete customers’ satisfaction. Presently, we have a considerable number of esteemed clients from various sectors. With the dedicated and technically qualified and trained service personnel, we have proved ourselves competent enough to handle and deliver any volume of pest control assignments within assigned time at market leading prices while satisfying customers.

Our company, Acme Pest Control is completely adhered to stringent quality policy to meet established quality standards while selecting insecticides to make more safe life of the people. While offering Termite Prevention Treatment service, we use only best and guaranteed chemicals. Our best pest control services such as Termite Control Treatment, Pest Control Gel Treatment, Residential Pest Control, and Rodent Control Treatments have satisfied more than 25000 of clients. At Acme Pest Control, our qualified and experienced professionals specialize in providing prompt, sincere and economical service to all segments of clients, which comprises of Builders, Architects, Engineers, Corporate companies, Theatres, Restaurants and Residential clients.

Well-organized Team :
The renowned and widely acclaimed pest control service provider, Acme Pest Control is assisted by a team of well-skilled pest control operators who have expertise in various methods of pest control. Our pest control executives are familiar with all types of modern methods and equipments, which help us in offering best suitable and eco-friendly Pest Control Treatments.

Stringent Quality Services :
Our professionals always give more emphasis on quality services ensuring safety in all aspects to humans and pets. For ensuring quality service and customers’ satisfaction, our quality control team inspects quality of services on completion of every pest control services.

Clientele :
Today, ACME has on its client base a considerable number of esteemed Companies and Corporate of repute. Our major clients are from Hotels, Embassies, IT companies, Airlines, etc. Apart from this, we also cater to more than of 30,000 residential AMC customers and small office establishments. We also undertake outstation projects depending upon the cost and feasibility.

No Building is safe from Termite
Regardless of how your building is constructed or the type of foundation it has, termites can find a way in, concealing themselves from exposure by building special “shelter tubes.” Because they work from the inside out, it’s likely that you won’t see sign of infestation until the damage is done.

Concrete Slabs
Termites can infest your buildings through expansion joints where the floor adjoins the foundation, around plumbing and electrical penetrations, through stress cracks, and on the exterior surface of the slab or behind stucco and veneer coverings.

Termites can enter your buildings through voids in the foundation wall, expansion joints where the floor meets the wall, around plumbing and electrical penetrations, through stress cracks, and on the exterior surface of the foundation or behind stucco and veneer coverings.

Conventional Foundation
Termites can invade your business through foundation voids, plumbing pipes and pier supports; on the surfaces of the foundation walls (exterior and interior); and through any wood-to-ground contacts

Highly acclaimed pest control service provider offering better-quality Termite Control Treatment for killing white and other kinds of domestic ants, which live in colonies or on anything containing cellulose. These Termites are very silent and dangerous as well. These white ants do more damage. For coping with small but dangerous ants, we, at Acme Pest Control offer unmatched Pre Construction Termite Treatment at market leading prices to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers. Our highly trained professionals provide absolute solution to Wood Termite Treatment services. At Acme Pest Control, all Anti-Termite Treatment providers have expertise in pre and post construction House Termite Treatment.

The Liquid Barrier System
An advanced technique used to help protect businesses from subterranean termites is the creation of a treatment zone at key entry points around and through your foundation. As termites tunnel through treatment zones in search of food, they are exposed to a termiticide. The termiticide is not only ingested, but also adheres to their bodies. Affected termites then spread the material to other termites through physical contact, reducing the population of the colony.

When an Acme Pest Control professional inspects your business, he will create a foundation graph to show where any visible subterranean termite activity or damage is located, and to illustrate where treatment specifications are to be applied. Different construction types dictate different treatment options and methods. Our Acme Pest Control professionals are thoroughly trained to ensure that your businesses’ treatment is customized to construction type, any conducive conditions that exist and termite activity in and around your business with the goal of complete control.

Pre-construction & Post-construction: Apart from these Termites or White Ants Treatment Services, we also offer unbeatable pre-construction and post-construction termites treatment at cost-effective prices. These services are provided under the supervision of experts following established quality standards. We assure guarantee of 10 yrs for pre-construction and 5 yrs for post- construction.

Advantages of the pre-construction
The chemical is injected into the soil and ensured that it is spread evenly all through the area, thus creating unbreakable chemical barrier for the termites.

Method of Treatment
Treatment of the External area
The pest control chemical is fully injected in the soil in the foundation of the building, ensuring that that there is a chemical barrier in between the termites and the building.

Treatment of the Internal Area
An internal layer of chemical barrier is created on the base of the masonry walls and the outer walls of the first floor are treated under this treatment. The floors thereafter can treat only the infested areas. We give treat in all expected places of attack. Our professionals ensure that all wood works like doors and windows in the premises is treated.

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