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Rishub Communications is a leading global IT services company, working with clients in the areas that impact and redefine the core of their businesses. Rishub Communications along with its subsidiaries is in the business of end-to-end supply chain management of IT and Non-IT products in various potential geographies of South Asia With its head office in the heart of Chennai, a full fledged company well equipped with all modern facilities and energetic technical & commercial staff with sales network in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. We have built the operational infrastructure necessary to sustain that growth with a planned balance of products, pricing, and people.

Our corporate objective is not to just take the order and deliver the product, but to instill confidence by keeping satisfied, happy customers. “Excellent quality only offers value if it is within a customer’s designed budget.” The Company is engaged in Marketing and Distribution of Networking products in India. Our Business is built on the foundation of integrity and Ethics. We follow utmost integrity in all our interactions with vendors, customers, suppliers , employees and others. We firmly believe high standards of ethical behavior in every decision we take across organization is fundamental to creating trust between the company and its stake holders. We believe ethical decisions even if not profitable are the key to long term success of the company. Company communicates with all its employees from time to time about the policies in this respect.

Internet service providers know their future depends on the ability to increase revenue from customer subscriptions and value-added services. Rishub Communications utilizes its wide range of relationships with major service providers, presenting an extensive set of viable network extension and connectivity options for the service provider. These options include home networking, media streaming, content delivery, IP-based remote security monitoring, firewall protection, VoIP and videoconferencing technology.switching and connectivity products are a dominant force in business environments, delivering increased network performance and scalability, while decreasing costs over time for the information technology (IT) manager and decision maker.

Rishub Communications delivers powerful solutions for deploying or upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet throughout an entire network including server farms, ISP backbone and campus-wide connectivity.

Rishub Communications
#16/24,United India Colony,
1st Main Road,
Chennai – 600 024.
Landline : 044-43180111





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