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    Azeezia Unani Clinic

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    Doctor Abdul Aleem AnsariThe Founder of Azeezia Unani Tretment Since 1870 was a well known medical practitioner in Pernambut town. He was indepth of traditional treatment servicing through only TIBB the basic of Unani Treatment started from Arabians in india. His efforts towards awareness of herbal medicines is still appreciatable and got so many rewards for his kind service. He has trained his sons to continue the everlasting service. Doctor Javeed Raza AnsariThe elder son of Dr. Abdul Aleem Ansari, Got the Registered indian medical practioner certification from Karnul University and very popular Hakeem of Pernambut Town, He is trained from Dr. Zakiuddin the Cheif of Unani Treatments pernambut.