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Property Management Services

  • 360 Property Management

    360 Property Management

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    Real Estate Industry he along with long term NRI friends promoted this company in 2011. He finds fulfillment and satisfaction by serving people. Through 360 Property Management Services in Chennai and Coimbatore he wants to provide great service that far exceeds the expectation of our clients. Mr. Chockalingam involves himself in the day-to-day operations of the company.
  • Rajam Property Management Pvt.Ltd

    Rajam Property Management Pvt.Ltd

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    Property Management Services division was started to provide value added facilitation to NRIs (Non Residential Indians). From being a property manager handling variety of tasks in Chennai in behalf of NRIs, the company also assists them in legal assistance and property tax payments in behalf of clients. Many people who want to rent, buy or sell property in India face major barriers like not being able to evaluate local market conditions, poor access to legal information. All this requires lot of time, efforts and research. During this situation, assistance of a reliable property manager is required…. So here we are Rajam Property Management Services having presence in Chennai and Coimbetore City lends a friendly hand to solve all your real estate needs and ensure to get you the best deal with having 20 years of experience in the real estate and property management field.