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Sinus Doctors

  • The Hopkins Clinic

    The Hopkins Clinic

    ENT Care Beyond Compare

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    We specialize in Endoscopic Nasal and ear surgeries using latest cutting edge technologies ensuring a complete and comfortable recovery from all your ENT ailments while always keeping our treatment cost within the reach of the common man . We also offer specialized treatment to patients with SNORING and OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA SYNDROME
  • Sinus and Nose Hospital

    Sinus and Nose Hospital

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    The first ever hospital for nose and sinuses is started with the idea of providing state of the art Endoscopic diagnosis and treatment for sinus and nose diseases. Prevention of sinusitis is as important as treating it. We plan to educate the people at large on how they can prevent chronic sinusitis. The aims are to educate the lay public and help them make intelligent decisions regarding the medical and surgical options available today for the treatment of sinusitis.