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Natrue care

Natrue care

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Acupuncture is a very ancient wisdom of understanding the energy dynamics of the body. The use of this science is found in every civilization. It existed even when metal was not found. Thus in that period sharp edged stones, icicles made of snow and small arrows were used by people of South Africa, Brazil and Eskimo people.

Its long practice in India cannot be ruled out. Some of the Moxibustion and branding techniques followed in Kerala where `Marmasthans’ are activated for the cure of different diseases have its origin in Acupuncture theary.

In Indian mythology it was seen that Bhisma Pitamaha for long days was lying in a bed of arrows awaiting his death. This also can be traced to knowledge of the energy points in the body.

In later years we find this science found great acceptibility in China and far east countires. It was chinese who extensively later developed it penetrating the pressure points with needles.

The earliest major written account regarding the practice of acupuncture is the Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic) who is believed to have lived about 2697- 2596 B.C. Between the Han dynasty (from 206 B.C. to 200 A.D.) and the Ming Dynasty (from 1368 to 1644 A.D.), acupuncture practice was refined.

There was a flurry of experimentation Europe in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. This accelerated in the last decades as it was brought to the United States.

Today Acupuncture is accepted by many western countries. It is systamatically taught in several universities. In Russia the kirlian photographs of the energy field around the body has shown a new pathway in explaining acupuncture.

Thus Acupuncture science has proved to be a natural, proven, efficient way of maintaing health and treating various disorders.
Acupuncture treats the body in the energy level along the energy meridians running on the surface of the skin.

The needle prick is almost painless at the most the pain evicted is only as much as an ant bite. Each patient is given individual fresh sterilized needle and hence there is no risk involved in using this invasive needle therapy.

As soon as the needle is inserted the energy system of the body get energized bringing in all the positive reactions in the body like increase of immunity, increase in endorphins, encephalon, neuro transmitters and revamping the body towards good health.

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