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Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College

Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College

Full Description

Meenakshi Sundararajan Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College is a part of the prestigious KRS Group of Institutions which also includes the renowned IIET (Indian Institute of Technical Education, est. 1947), the well-known Meenakshi College for Women and the recently established Meenakshi Sundararajan School of Management, all highly disciplined institutions imparting quality under-graduate and post-graduate education in the fields of Engineering, Arts, Science, Commerce and Management. The Engineering College was founded in 2001 by the great educationist and visionary of South India, Professor K.R.Sundararajan

ocated centrally in Chennai city, the college is a blessing in disguise for students, saving precious time and money.

Housed in a sprawling campus with ample greenery, the Engineering College is housed in 3 blocks, each one of them, carefully designed and built in accordance with the latest industrial standards by L & T.

Infrastructural facilities:

(Labs, Conference Halls, Seminar Halls, Auditorium, Library, Tennis Court, Basketball Court, Cricket Ground and Parking facilities)


Computer Lab
(Operating Systems, Programming, Compilers and Networks)

The emerging role of counseling involves helping students to complete their academic objectives; the reduction of student attrition is a priority. Counselors must perform the roles of student developers and guides for learning . As the student developers, counselors must communicate to students the importance of skill building and other academic requirements and help them understand the value of their academic endeavors. The counselors must assist, manage, and encourage students to build a pattern of success. Crucial characteristics that college counselors need to be successful include a strong sense of professional mission, rapport, and empathy.


As student developers, counselors should assume the responsibility of communicating to students the importance of academics in vivid and realistic terms. The goals for the student developer should be to provide counseling, information, and support services to meet the students’ developmental needs. The objectives should be as follows: – To assist each interested student in making informed and realistic decisions in the areas of educational and career choices. – To provide services that reflect the understanding that student development includes social, intellectual, psychological, and ethical development.

The counselor is required to assist, manage, and encourage students to build a pattern of success and to achieve their dream career.

Counselor services should meet the needs of those entering students by providing each student complete information and preparation for entry into appropriate courses. Some of the viable activities include:

1. Assessing student ability by using placement tests and interest inventories;

2. Assisting in establishing or clarifying education and career goals; and,

3. Helping students use college resources to meet their expectations.

Grievances and Redressal

Meenakshi Sundararajan is committed to a policy of treating all members of the college community fairly in regard to their personal and professional concerns. The student grievance procedure ensures that concerns are promptly dealt with and resolutions reached in a fair and just manner. The College’s procedures enable students to bring complaints and problems to the attention of the College administration.

Registry for Grievances and Redressal is available in the office of main building Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College, 363, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai-600024.

363, Arcot Road,
Chennai – 600 024.


e-Mail : admissions@msec.edu.in




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