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Full Description

IndusInd Bank derives its name and inspiration from the Indus Valley civilisation -a culture described by National Geographic as ‘one of the greatest of the ancient world’ combining a spirit of innovation with sound business and trade practices.

Mr. Srichand P. Hinduja, a leading Non-Resident Indian businessman and head of the Hinduja Group, conceived the vision of IndusInd Bank -the first of the new-generation private banks in India -and through collective contributions from the NRI community towards India’s economic and social development, brought our Bank into being.

The Bank, formally inaugurated in April 1994 by Dr. Manmohan Singh, Honourable Prime Minister of India who was then the country’s Finance Minister, started with a capital base of Rs.1,000 million (USD 32 million at the prevailing exchange rate), of which Rs.600 million was raised through private placement from Indian Residents while the balance Rs.400 million (USD 13 million) was contributed by Non-Resident Indians.

A New Era

IndusInd Bank, which commenced its operations in 1994, caters to the needs of both consumer and corporate customers. It has a robust technology platform supporting multi-channel delivery capabilities. IndusInd Bank has 441 branches, and 796 ATMs spread across 303 geographic locations of the country as on September 30, 2012.The Bank also has 2 Representative offices, one each in London and Dubai.

The Bank believes in driving its business through technology. It has multi-lateral tie-ups with other banks providing access to their ATMs for its customers. It enjoys clearing bank status for both major stock exchanges – BSE and NSE – and three major commodity exchanges in the country – MCX, NCDEX, and NMCE. It also offers DP facilities for stock and commodity segments. The Bank has been bestowed with the mandate of being a Settlement Banker for six tea auction centres.


‘ICRA AA’ for Lower Tier II subordinate debt program and ‘ICRA AA-‘ for Upper Tier II bond program by ICRA. ‘CRISIL A1+’ for certificate of deposit program by CRISIL. ‘CARE AA’ for Lower Tier II subordinate debt program by CARE. ‘Fitch AA-‘ for Long Term Debt Instruments and ‘Fitch A1+’ for Short Term Debt Instruments by Fitch Ratings.



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