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Acamor Academy

Acamor Academy

Full Description

“Taking kids beyond the classroom is like unclipping their wings. Suddenly their minds are free to explore and you can often end up with some very creative results no matter what subject you’re teaching them.”

Acamor Academy was established to promote a powerful experiential approach to learning by providing exciting out-of-classroom educational programs for students.

Experiential learning is a playful, yet powerful approach to personality development and improving academic achievements by taking students into stimulating environments where they understand not just what to learn, but how and where to learn. Experiential learning helps students appreciate diversity and individuality. It inculcates a deeper understanding of the world and enables them to live and work globally. These skills are fundamental to the development of confident young adults who can leap into the future as active and conscious citizens, champions of the environment, creative thinkers and global leaders.

Acamor Academy designs and delivers exclusive activity-oriented trips combined with learning programs that offer students an opportunity to explore the world beyond their classrooms and supplement the knowledge they gain in school. The programs organized by Acamor Academy are theme-specific and are led by leaders who have achieved significant accomplishments in their professions.

The team behind Acamor Academy includes IITians who have pursued their education at Cambridge and Wharton, and have worked at leading companies in the world including Microsoft Research, The Boston Consulting Group, Standard Chartered Bank and Wipro Technologies.

The team believes that out of classroom learning plays a crucial role in bridging gaps in skills that are extremely important for personal as well as professional growth. The team wants to promote a holistic, experiential approach to learning by taking students out of classrooms for global experiences that nurture their mind, body and soul.



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