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swami vivekananda diagnostic centre

swami vivekananda diagnostic centre

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CHENNAI ANNA NAGAR LIONS SWAMI VIVEKANANDA DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE was started on 1st March 1998 with a vision to provide the highest possible quality in diagnostic services to the economically weak people of Chennai at the lowest possible rates. This innovative ground breaking project has grown from a single chamber inside the Arumbakkam D.G.Vaishnav College campus to a 6000 square feet area offering its services to more than 40,000 patients per month comprising a delightful mixture of the needy and the wary.The amount collected from the patients is just enough to meet the overheads like salaries, electricity charges, cost of consumables and AMC of equipment. Any visitor to our Centre will feel the warm reception and the cool handling of the rush situation by our dedicated staff. The facilities include Spiral CT Scan, Open MRI Scan, Colour Doppler, Digital X-ray, Ultrasound, Echocardiography, Computerised ECG, Digital EEG, Digital EMG and Automated Clinical Laboratory investigations with minimal cost and turn around time.Lions Club of Anna Nagar Charitable Trust appeals to philanthropists, Corporate people, charitable organizations and all kind hearted individuals to donate funds towards this noble project. All donations to the SVDC Project are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Swami Vivekananda Diagnostic Centre
Lions Edifice for Service Trust Complex, D.G.Vaishnav College,
Arumbakkam, Chennai – 600 106 e-mail – svdctrust@hotmail.com
Tel : 4757521 / 4752704 / 43853101 / 43853102








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