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Sinus and Nose Hospital

Sinus and Nose Hospital

Full Description

The first ever hospital for nose and sinuses is started with the idea of providing state of the art Endoscopic diagnosis and treatment for sinus and nose diseases. Prevention of sinusitis is as important as treating it. We plan to educate the people at large on how they can prevent chronic sinusitis. The aims are to educate the lay public and help them make intelligent decisions regarding the medical and surgical options available today for the treatment of sinusitis and other nasal and sinus diseases.

We also train junior ENT specialists in the various aspects of Endoscopic sinus surgery and advanced Endoscopic surgery.

The speciality of transnasal Endoscopic surgery has tremendous potentials not only in the treatment of sinus diseases, but also in treating orbital, skull base, sellar and para sellar lesions. Since endoscopes were introduced for nasal surgery in the eighties, the bottle neck at the external nasal aperture has been overcome and it has made the nose a surgica l highway. Today, we not only deal with the diseases of the nose and sinuses but also that of the orbit, orbital apex, the skull base, pituitary, and the clivus.

The day is not far off, when actual intracranial lesions will be approached and removed through the nose with little morbidity using Endoscopic techniques.

Our senior director Dr. P. Thulasi Das is one of the pioneers in Endoscopic surgery of the nose and sinuses. After a short observer stint with Prof. H. Stammberger of Austria, he started doing Endoscopic sinus surgery in the year 1991 at Chennai. He has 16 years of experience in the field of Endoscopic sinus and nasal surgery. He has done many new, innovative surgeries in the field of Endoscopic sinus surgery.

No. 35A, Santhome High Road,

Santhome, Chennai-600004, Tamil Nadu, India

Call us at : 91 – 44 – 24984474, 91- 44 – 24986886

Fax us at : 91 – 44 – 24983828

Email us at : thulasisinusandnose@gmail.com, sandnhospital@gmail.com

Visit us at : www.sinusandnose.com



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