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Full Description

It is not very easy to adapt any work to the visually challenged people, We
decided to make them active in some part of work, so we feel that massage is the best work which will adapt to those people, we trained them in special way and we create a special style to those people. We did not stop our service by giving the training itself we provide the opportunity to work in that field what they trained, so we opened a new working environment for those people to survive life without any other support.

We also running a old age home in the name of “ANNAI ILLAM” at Kovilampakkam Sathiyameh Jayam Charitable trust has been involved in the part of educational and developmental activities in the rural villages especially marginalized communities since its inception. Now we are actively involved/adapted a tribal village. For this laudable service the finance is to be arranged by donations from kind hearted around us. The only ambition of this trust is to purchase a land around Chennai and build a good building with all necessary facilities to house at least 100 tribal childrens and Senior citizens to provide them with good food, shelter and medical attention at good standards. The home will thank the donors for funds for the successful running of the home.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a life time – Chinese proverb”.That is the motto of us to achieve the great nation, we provide training to the Visually challenged persons in special way.

The Man Behind..
Sathiyameh jayam is one of my childhood dream, First of all i like to dedicate this work to my mother, because she is my inspiration, basically she have more affection with all the people not only our people, that is the only one which motivate me to start sathiyameh jayam charitable trust

Born in a village in Peraiyur – Mannargudi – Tamilnadu in a farmer family, I have the
wish to help the needy people from my childhood, I am glad to do this kind of services . My further step is to give the job opportunities for the more Visually challenged person &help the old age people ,and trible childrens with god bless, May all do well god bless you




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