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Ritz 360

Ritz 360

Full Description

Offering Christmas trees and decorations.
- We offer good washable quality of Christmas tress.
- Good branded Christmas decors.

Offering Candles :
A special treat that comes in the form of an plundered treasure, this section proves to be the highlight of our site. The mind-blowing beauty and the mesmeric magnetism that our designs possess will take you an unheard place in your heart where these candles slowly melt away the harshness that life has so far engulfed you in. A varied and winsome collection, the container candles are in all the formats, box candles, Glass candles, container candles with wrought iron styling, light box containers etc.
A major part of this section will reflect the spirit of our land from where these pieces of beauty originate.
The aboriginal artistic impression of Rajasthan is written all over the terracotta container candles, blue pottery container candles, brass work container candles, the earthen container candles, kundan meena work container candles and the special lac work container candles. The beauty of these traditionally rendered aromatic & scented smokeless works of art has been further enhanced by the original flower work and styling that has been done on them. We won’t really brag about our niche in this section further.
Just take a look, as we are sure you will be so impressed that you won’t be able to stop yourself from exclaiming in amazement. Check out this section if you really admire the sense of beauty and like to possess the unique and the special things in life.

Ritz 360
Ms. Reena Rackesh
No. 4, Santhome
Chennai – 600004, Tamil Nadu , India






Christmas Decoration

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