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We equip you completely for your fitness needs. Setting up a gym at home or work place is an incredible investment for your health. The right blend of equipment, backed with fitness training and scientific fitness plans will transform your life – for the better!

Propel Equipment stores have wide range of fitness equipments ranging from cardio – Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Bikes to Free Weights, Multigyms and other variety of fitness accessories. The store markets a wide range of international fitness equipment and gear for the home, residential projects, hotels, clubs, gyms and institutional markets.

Make your local FitnessOne’s Propel Fitness store your personal fitness information centre. Our fitness specialists are highly knowledgeable on Fitness equipments and they will support you with all information you need for your purchase decision.

Want to know the celebrity secret to looking glamorous on and off camera? It may seem like a million dollar question. But the answer is very simple – posture – Specifically, as a Hollywood physical therapist Dr Paul Drew calls it, A “RED CARPET POSTURE”. We have all ogled at famous and beautiful people on silver screen and wondered what it takes to get into such a shape. Take it from a star herself – “When someone tells me that I look great, I say thanks and then share a secret: It’s not the clothes or the makeup; it’s my posture”, says Salm Hayek, Hollywood Actress

So today’s lesson is to learn how to look few pounds slimmer with one small move: Stand up straight!

There are a few people who exude an aura of charm and elegance and most often it seems to come to them naturally. But if you have been wanting to emulate them to

perfection, all you need to do is perform and sustain the simple act of standing tall. Standing tall and sitting straight improves your confidence level and attracts positive attention.

We all aspire to look good. And in the process we spend hours at beauty parlours, spans and salons trying out various body and skin nourishing services. Although they go a long way in creating the perfect look, another important aspect is posture. Our posture is the key to the look-good-feel-good factor. The correct posture is a mandatory requirement for a wonderful personality.





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