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Full Description

Neolife children’s hospital is the first venture of its kind in south Chennai. This hospital is devoted exclusively for new born and pediatric care. Our motto is to bring the most advanced new born care at an affordable cost. Our pediatric specialty services include a sophisticated new born intensive care unit, high dependency pediatric unit, lactation clinic, developmental assessment clinic, allergy and asthma clinic. In addition we provide the latest new born follow up services like eye screening and hearing check up.

Our venture has become a reality. Thanks to pediatricians who felt a need for a fully equipped pediatric hospital in this locality.

We will strive to achieve our motto, that is to bring a smile to the face of every child and parent who utilize our services

Experienced staff, advanced technology The Indian advantage
Our neonatal specialities are DM qualified and trained from PGIMER, Chandigarh- the most sophisticated NICU in india. These professionals draw upon their experience, advanced skills an comparison to provide high quality care for your baby. This indian training makes them well oriented to the unique problems seen particularly in indian babies

Baby friendly approach
The focus is on only intensive care and not always invasive care

Developmental care
There is a striking difference between a mother’s womb and the NICU environment. Neolife recognizes this and utilizes strategies to create a womb like experience that maximizes the stress felt by preterm or critically ill babies. We have modified the NICU environment through features such as decreasing light and noise levels, providing longer rest periods, proper positioning and providing therapeutic touch and comfort

Lactation services:
We understand that breast milk is the best milk for your babby. Our NICU is backed by a board certified lactation consultant to help our mothers feed their loved ones. our B.E.S.T “Breast feeding education, support and togetherness” support group meets weekly on tuesdays from 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm. B.E.S.T is a great resource of information and support for the continuation of breast feeding and assitance with challenging situations

Neolife resuscitation & Transportation services:
The stabilization and transfer of premature and critically ill newborns requires highly trained personnel with specific skills. We have a dedicated and specialized newborn transport team to attend all the births at neolife children’s hospital.

Our transport team staffed by specially trained nurses and NRP certified newborn registrars is on call 24 hours a day for pick up and safe transport of premature and ill newborn delivered iin other hospitals. We have a specially designed neonatal mobile intensive care unit ambulance fitted with a state of the art newborn transport incubator and sophisticated life support gadgets, monitoring devices and oxgen

Reverse transport:
At neolife we believe that babies should always stay with their mothers. Since mothers will require hospitalization at the referring hospital, their loved ones would be shifted back to them as soon as they are deemed fit. If the referring hospital desires, our neonatal specialist will visit the hospital to provide ongoing care and monitoring to the transported child. This would ensure continued care of the child without affecting mother infant bonding

Newborn follow up services:
Your baby’s health and development is very important to us. Our newborn follow up program addresses the many special needs of the NICU babies and their families. Neolife wants to follow the growth and development of your child after discharge from the hospital. Our follow up services include a neuro developmental clinic, eye screening facility, hearing and speech facility, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. If there are concerns about your child’s development, we can help your family find the special services your child may need to develop to the best of his or her ability.


# 14/1, Second Street, Kannan Nagar, 
Chennai – 600 091



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