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Ice cream has a long history as a popular dairy food item. Ice cream has evolved from a manually manufactured household product to a much-automated industrial product today. Ice Cream lovers have grown over centuries craving for every bite of this creamy and exquisite delight. The advantage of eating an ice cream is that it is the most delicious dessert – smooth, cold and creamy.

The consumption pattern of people with regard to ice creams has changed over time. The worldwide consumption pattern of ice creams has phenomenally changed over the years with a growing preference for more exotic and unique flavors. India too has witnessed this change. The country has experienced a steady increase in the volume of manufacturing ice cream and the manner in which ice creams have been consumed. This change has been primarily driven by dynamic entrepreneurs who have taken the initiative to transform the conventional cup of ice cream in to its new avatar. Milky Way offers you the best ice cream and ice cream parlor with high quality and customer satisfaction services in Chennai, India.
On 1 May 1994, one such young entrepreneur, BhushanGoyal from Chennai launched Milky Way ice cream parlor in Chennai. This ambitious project, which was first of its kind took Chennai and the whole of Tamil Nadu by a storm and created a stir in the market. This beginning snowballed into one of the most successful business stories of the last decade, with the company today being arguably the famous ice-cream parlor in the city serving more than 2.5 lakhs customers every year.
With its systematic approach and processes, Milky Way manufactures ice creams, softy and thick milk shakes with world-class Italian Styled Machines. These machines are state of the art and churn out ice creams of the highest quality under the most hygienic conditions. Most of the ingredients used in manufacturing ice cream process are ISO9001-2000 or HACCP certified, thereby ensuring the quality of the products is of the highest standard.
Milky Way ice creams have more than 300 varieties of ice cream and thick shakes,which are prepared fresh on order the list includes cream soda pops, waffle cone specialties, Jello Sundaes, Soft fantasies (sundaes with pastry base), thick and creamy milk shakes and a whole gamut of specialty sundaes that give a zing to your taste buds.

Milky way ice cream parlor has been visited by famous films and sports personalities like Govinda, Prabhu , Sridevi, Vijay , Vikram , Naseer, etc. besides cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar , VinodKambli.,HemangBadani to name a few.
While MilkyWay has seen stupendous success in the B2C market segment, MilkyWay Express a new business entity with its proprietor Varun Goyal, has forayed into the B2B segment. This company was launched with a clear focus of capitalizing on the untapped potential of the B2B segment. MilkyWay Express has been growing steadily with new B2B associations by having steady tie ups with various hotels, restaurants and caterers. Today MilkyWay Express has an array of products that are available across top hotels in the city of Chennai. Moreover, it is the only group in the city that manufactures both hard ice creams and softy ice creams.

MilkyWay Express is now on a massive expansion mode. It is launching its own counters across the city with its unique product portfolio to reach out to a larger customer base. This is being done in strategic association with various ‘Quality Oriented’ organizations and institutions.
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