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McRennett was started in 1903, in the pre- independence period. Over the years, we have gained a great deal of goodwill from the people of Madras as a producer of top quality bakery products while maintaining very reasonable prices. The company has been expanding and growing since 1984.

Today, we operates through twenty-five retail outlets situated in prime locations throughout the city of Madras. These retail outlets are serviced by four production units situated in the city and its suburbs. Delivery is made by a fleet of company owned delivery vehicles ranging from small three wheelers to trucks.

McRennett has a very wide customer base. Its customers include people from all walks of life who appreciate the McRennett philosophy of providing high quality products at very reasonable prices. The Food Science & Technology are fast changing. The availability of New Food Ingredients and its application will enable production of New Innovative products and help expand the market and fulfill its social obligation of producing Nutritious and healthy food products for the expanding population.

We are committed to producing good quality food products. Please see the “The Three Commandments” which we follow to reach our Quality goals.Some time early last century, Mr Maanikkam Pillai started a small bakery on Mount Road, at Thousand Lights, in Madras. Bread & buns were baked & delivered to customers as far away as Purasawakkam & Kilpauk.The clientele were predominantly European. Slowly, other baked products like cakes, pastries, biscuits were added to the product list.


How McRennett got it’s name ?

The founder’s friends suggested that the company should have an European name so that business development will take place faster. After some discussion, three names were selected and written pieces of paper and a young child was asked to pick one of these. The child picked “McRennett”.We would like to hear from suppliers & vendors of bakery ingredients, consumable, equipments or any other item connected with production, storage, distribution, display & sales of Bakery Products. Please email ho at mcrennett dot com


Our retailing operation also quite large. If you have food product or any other product which are closely associated with bakery food products or compliments our products, please do get in touch with us. Please email marketing at mcrennett dot com

We are in the process of selecting & appointing distributors for our Premium Rich Plum Cake in all the major cities and towns in Tamilnadu. Our Plum cakes are made with the finest ingredients, processed hygienically in a semi automatic plant & packed in rigid plastic boxes. Currently available in three package (i.e., 250g, 500g, 1000g). Interested parties may email marketing at mcrennett dot com

Please see contacting us for information on how to get in touch with us.

64/G1 & 164/G3, Nisha Plaza, Kanuneegan Street, Adambakkam, Chennai – 600 088 6462 3973






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