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Learn to Win Material Art

Self Defence for Life

Learn to Win Material Art

Full Description


Guru Manikandan who trained in several martial arts for past 15 yrs in Karate,

Kungfu,  Muaythai, Boxing and few other martial arts from China & Thailand  liked

to create a new way of self defense which could be very easy to use and very effective.

After his observation from his different types of students he came to know what people


need and like and very useful. So he Created  FREE STYLE MARTIAL ART which is

the real MMA(Mixed Martial Art)  not fighting in the ring for money or to be proud to beat the poeple

but fighting for only self-defense very technically and effective  not fighting

 very hard like an animal. Free style martial-art is same like JeetKuneDo which found my Brucelee.

We also follow Brucelee’s way of Martial-art and Philosophy Martial art is to learn how to defend and

also how to build your character  In Free Style Martial Art students will get Self confidence, Self control,

Fitness, Pain tolerance, Power, Stamina   Will power, Courage, Creative mind etc.. Free Style Martial

Art is suits for women too. The main difference between other martial arts and Free Style

Martial Art is the students will get the self defense skill very soon.


 In Free Style Martial Art students will learn very Important, Effective and

 Useful technics from Karate, Kungfu, Muaythai, Boxing, Kyoshu, Akido etc.. 

Also they learn how to handle weapons like Nunchaku,Sword,  Stick, Sai, 

Tonfa etc.. and they learn how to convert anything as weapon. It will be very

 useful for women.  And we chose very good exercises from all martial arts

 including Meditation and Breating Exercises. The age limit to learn Free Style

 Martial Art is from 8 to 60 yrs. 


MEMBER OF  Okinawa Isshinryu Karate & Kobudo Association

Isshinryu Tomunokai Association

Association of Sports Karate India

Sensei Mani was born in chennai in 1981  july 21st. He is the only martialart trainer in india who travelled several countries and trained in several martialarts and teach his students all style together. He started his Martial art training in the year of 1997 in the age of 17. He started learning Boxing in 1997. Due to his studies he could not able to continue his training. Then he joined in Isshinryu Karate School in chennai in the year of 1999.His Sensei was Mr. Manivel. He learned the art dedicatedly with hard trainings. He got his First Dan Black belt in 2001. He continued his training and got 2nd and 3rd Dan Blackbelts. Then He got 4th Dan Blackbelt from the International President of Okinawa Isshinryu Karate & Kobudo Association Master christopher P.Chase in 2009. He went to china in march 2012 and took  kungfu and wushu training. And also he got instructor level training in  Muaythai(Thai Boxing) in Bangkok in Nov2012. Sensei Manikandan is a specialist in kicks.Also learned Taekwondo and received his Redblack Belt in India.He started His own Martial art school In the Name of Learn To Win – Martialart School in 2004 and Teaching Isshinryu karate, Freestyle karate and Mixed Martial Art for 5 yr kids to 60 yr old students. The concept of the Learn to win school is providing Quality martial art in Disciplined way.
  We provide 24*7 trining sessions. We also teach at your places. We                                                                       have Branches in Mandaveli, Kotturpuram, Virugambakkam, Mylapore, Mugapaire.LEARN TO WIN – KARATE & KOBUDO SCHOOL
Phone: +91 8939315155
Email: learntowinkarate@live.com/ karatemani@india.com




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