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Kisna Jewellery

Jagao Vishwas Pyar Ka, Pao Vishwas Parivar Ka

Kisna Jewellery

Full Description

KISNA Diamond Jewellery, in its own way, is an inseparable part of the heritage of many families in our great country. Of their roots and their very core of traditions. Most rituals in our country are incomplete without a special souvenir, that article of Jewellery in the family that is exclusive beyond everything. KISNA takes pride in similarly being regarded as a central entity for being the largest distributed brand of Diamond Jewellery in India.

KISNA today has more than 5800 outlets across 29 states and 400 cities across India. We are fortunate to have the genre of network of distributors and retailers through which we could make our way to the hearts of customers all over India.



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