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EESHA Constructions

EESHA Constructions

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If home is where the heart is. EESHA Constructions is the obvious choice to make your house a home! EESHA Constructions, passion of first generation entrepreneurs, is thriving vibrant and professionally managed organization committed to provide: high level of customer satisfaction and great return on investment for investors. Our business primarily focuses on real estate: residential and commercial projects. Innovation and team work as pilots ensure a high degree of excellence and maintains the finest standards of business practice in all endeavors.

The successful year of our organization is the culmination of selective and well-trained manpower, planning & Professionalism. Investors are convinced about the integrity and the dedication by means of commitment in completion of projects. Nithya Homes wants to augment its development with bigger prestigious projects to make a mark in not just in Chennai

EESHA Constructions attaches great importance to all its vendors who with their timely cooperation lend it strength.

The Constructions have successfully accomplished several feats in housing projects in and around Chennai. The management team of EESHA Constructions

“Quality is primary” to pearl constructions. All systems and procedures are formulated to achieve the “Quality Objective”



EESHA Constructions

No.6,Rajarathinam First street,Ullagaram







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