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Dwi Maternity

Dwi Maternity

Full Description

Dwi is a one-stop destination for every expectant mother. Dwi helps you look at pregnancy with a fresh perspective. Dwi encourages you to keep fit, stay happy and enjoy your experiences during pregnancy. Dwi’s focus is on enabling you to learn everything relevant to your pregnancy and delivery, so that you face this great challenge of your life with dignity and grace.

Dwi is not an impersonal training space. Dwi is an experience. Dwi is a relationship. Dwi adds a new dimension to the life of every individual it touches. Dwi brings people together, and transforms their lives at several levels, including the physical, emotional and psychological facets of their personalities.

The Meaning of Dwi
As a fetus grows in its mother’s womb symbolizing two unified entities, the baby also grows in the heart of the expecting father, fusing the two individuals emotionally. A man and a woman travel in unison towards the second phase in their lives, from being a couple to being a family. Dwi symbolizes this beautiful, enchanting metamorphosis.

The Dwi Team
Dwi comprises a team of highly committed, passionate individuals who are driven by the need to heal. Every member on the Dwi team comes with an unparalleled drive to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Driven by their own personal experiences and a desire to help others unconditionally, members of the Dwi team believe that selfless giving is the only way to achieve complete healing.

Rakhi Kapoor: The Founder of Dwi
Rakhi Kapoor is an accomplished Physiotherapist who completed her degree from one of India’s premier institutes, the National Institute for the Orthopaedically Handicapped (N.I.O.H), which is affiliated to the Calcutta University. She then did her masters degree in counseling and guidance management for women from the Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal.

Rakhi originally started practicing with pregnant women in the areas of antenatal and postnatal fitness, diet, childbirth, lactation, stress, back care, incontinence and other childbirth-related issues. She worked with pregnant women at various locations for seven years before setting up Dwi Maternity Studio in 2006.

Rakhi’s own traumatic encounters with medical issues during her difficult pregnancy and delivery motivated her to create Dwi. Rakhi has made it the purpose of her life to enhance the quality of pregnant women’s lives. Rakhi Kapoor is the pioneer in the field of Antenatal classes in Chennai with an experience of a decade having reached out to more than 2000 couples.

Vanitha C: Studio Manager
With a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Vanitha juggles a multitude of responsibilities with utmost expertise and efficiency. Vanitha manages Dwi’s session schedules, client requests, inquiries and public relations as well as the studio administration and individual projects related to regular workshops, special programs and media updates.

She keeps the local flavor alive, and with her inherent ability to put people at ease, she has always been a valuable player on the Dwi team. Her attention to detail and personal touch endear her to all our clients.

What drives Vanitha is her passion to make a difference in the lives of expectant couples. She ardently believes that every couple who walks into Dwi must bond with each other before bonding with their baby. Her commitment in drawing couples together is evident from her tireless efforts in encouraging those who enroll for the sessions at Dwi to come in as couple

Dwi Maternity Studio
No.9B/22, Srilabdhi Colony,
T.T.K.Road, Alwarpet, 
Chennai – 600 018.




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