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Mr. Simon Selvaraj, Digivision


Full Description

Basic subjective attributes of the listening room acoustics are liveliness, intimacy, loudness of direct sound against reverberant sound, warmth, uniformity or diffusion, clarity or definition, blend and balance, no noise and ensemble. We specially design the place of listening keeping in mind all the above mentioned criteria’s, at reasonable prices without compromising with the customers preferences and tastes.
Mr.Simon Selvaraj a graduate in Electronics (City & Guilds Institute, London) and Film Technology (Institute of Film & TV, Chennai) was an Engineer in All India Radio, Mumbai in 1971. Later he joined Film & TV Institute of India, Pune as a faculty in the year 1976. He also remains head of the Prasad Film Lab’s 70 mm Recording Division (Chennai) for more than 12 years till 1992. He also underwent recording and engineering training at New York and at Royston. He also did Industrial Electronics from IIT, Chennai.

From 1981,took up Film Song Recording and Movie Sound Mixing as Head of Prasad Film Lab’s 70mm Recording Division (Chennai) for over 12 Years until 1992. Underwent Recording and Engineering training at New York ‘Sound One’ Studio, and ‘Rupert Neve’ Factory at Royston. Underwent Industrial Electronics course at Indian Institute of Technology-Chennai. After 1992 doing Film Mix, Acoustic consultancy and Guest lectures.

Then Launched DIGIVISION rendering Consultancy, Acoustic Designs, Audio/Video/Lights- Installation, System Integration and such Engineering services to the Film&TV Industry and Auditoriums. Ever since we configured, designed and installed a number of Satellite TV Production facility, Auditoriums, Media Education Centre, Recording Studios, etc.


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