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Next Generation Solutiions


Full Description

Datamatics is a trusted partner to several Fortune 500 Companies globally for managing their End-to-end Application Life Cycle & Business Critical Processes. Datamatics is a global Information Technology (IT) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) organization focused on delivering smart, next-generation business solutions that help enterprises across the world overcome their business challenges. These solutions leverage innovations in technology, knowledge of business processes, and domain expertise to provide clients a competitive edge.

As a strategic partner, Datamatics helps its clients improve their business competitiveness and achieve operational efficiencies. The benefits delivered by the Datamatics’ unique solutions include accelerated time-to-market for new products and services, maximized productivity and efficiency in business processes, shorter turn-around times for service delivery and lower total cost of ownership.

Datamatics’ next-generation solutions and the services span:

  • A cross section of industries including Banking & Finance, Insurance, Publishing, Manufacturing, Research and Retail.
  • Varied business processes that transcend F&A, Enterprise Document Management, Portal Management, Publishing Solutions, Application Development, Support & Testing, Data warehousing & Analytics, Engineering & Embedded solutions, Billing solutions, Enterprise Content solutions.

Datamatics has a geographically diverse portfolio of Fortune 500 client’s with a footprint across four continents- Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Outstanding work from the Datamatics team has helped enhance our product pages to the extent that some of my friends have called me with compliments on the “new & improved” versions, making me proud of working with such a great team.

22, Tilak Nagar Salai, Teynampet, Teynampet
044 2499 3808



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