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Combat Kinetics

Clearing Minds and Savings Bodies

Combat Kinetics

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Our approach differs from the run of the mill globo gyms out there. We do not believe in artificial climate control, muscle isolation and machine assisted workouts, mirrors and color coded dumbbells. Our units are ‘no frills’ and very spartan. We don’t do fancy. We do hardcore.

Combat Kinetics is all about running, sprinting, jumping, crawling, throwing, climbing, rolling and having complete control over your body and mind.

We work on more than just isolated strength, machine assisted endurance and bulky muscles. We don’t have trainers, we have coaches.

We have combined the latest aspects of sports science with gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, calisthenics and strongman workouts to provide you with a program which flawlessly combines the best aspects of each of these systems with the other.

The result? True strength, extreme mobility, explosive power, elite endurance and a superbly balanced physique.

Our constantly evolving programmes fuse the best of modern sports science with traditional wisdom. Be it Combat Sports, Parkour, Functional fitness or Athletics … We are at the spears head in establishing the concepts of MMA, Urban Combat, high intensity workouts and movement-based fitness programmes in India. We believe there is no gym or fitness club anywhere in India where you can get this level of performance fitness, Combat Sports or Martial Arts training under one roof.


In addition to our peerless training, CK also boasts:

  • World renowned technical advisers
  • Competitive fight teams
  • Monthly hosting of amateur competitions

Combat Kinetics has a four Level Grading process for each its two main elements Combat and Performance fitness). Physical competence acquired at each level is not limited to the acquisition of techniques, but also implies specific performance levels that must be attained beyond technique and movement efficiency. Our curriculum per level is not limited to techniques taught, as dozens of drills are also part of each level and support the acquisition of movement skills and conditioning.

#3 Rathna Nagar,
Teynampet, Chennai

Call: +91 97911 58888




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