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Cane & Bamboo

Indian Hand Craft Products

Cane & Bamboo

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Cane & Bamboo is a store that stocks some of India’s finest Handicrafts.

Founded in August, 1971, by Mr. C.T.Philip a veteran of 37 years in the handicrafts sector and his son, Thomas Philip, Cane & Bamboo is part of C T PHILIP ASSOCIATES. The Firm is currently managed by Thomas Philip and his wife Thangam.

Our Products are lovingly produced by Artisans, usually working from their homes, thus the term “cottage industry”. Most of our range is procured directly from these Craftspeople. Many of our products come from Rehabilitation Institutes for the physically challenged and other organizations working with the less privileged.

We place great emphasis on the quality of our products, and on maintaining reasonable prices.

We export our products to many overseas markets. Cane & Bamboo is also highly recommended by several International Tourist Guide Books.

Indian Handicrafts cover a very wide range of products

Different kinds of timber are used to carve these magnificent Animals. The Rose wood used here, takes almost 300 years to grow! Some of the elephant carvings are a “Working” elephant, Elephant Book-ends and Mother Elephant with baby which is one of a kind because its carved from a single piece of wood.

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No 45, Ethiraj Road,


Chennai – 600 008.

Phone: +91-44-28211649



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