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Aravind Laboratories

Aravind Laboratories (EYETEX)

Aravind Laboratories

Full Description

Aravind Laboratories is the flagship of the Group of Companies engaged in the manufacture of cosmetics since 1938, when Sri Vasudevan started to make Kajal under this Brand. Initially he manufactured Kajal (Kanmye / Katuka / Kankappu / Kanmashi/Kohl etc.,) and Kumkum (Bindi) ?Chandu? liquid in glass bottles. With superior quality and unique preparations, the Brand Eyetex gained immense popularity & was sold in the then Madras State only. The Kajal was so popular that the brand became synonymous with Kajal….

The business expanded considerably with the launch of Kumkum (Bindi) preparations (Liquid Kumkum, Kumkum Paste, Kumkum Powder, Sticker Kumkum, Multi-color Kumkum liquid, Kumkum pencils), Eyebrow Pencils and Eyeliner liquid all under the brand name . The Firm expanded its Range with attractive Plastic Containers and introduced the concept of Multi Coloured Kumkum in Liquid, Paste and Powder forms.expanded their sales in South India by appointing Distributors in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. From mid seventies, the Firm extended its marketing reach in North India by entering Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Gujarat.

In 1968 produce Lamp Black from Vegetable Oils such as Gingili (Til OR Sesame) & Castor Oils with an installed capacity to burn 180 kgs of Oils and get adequate Lamp Black as per Traditional Ayurvedic Systems that are in vogue in INDIA over 1000’s of years for the manufacture of  Kajal.Early seventies saw the introduction of liquid Kumkum in Plastic containers of different sizes. Matt Finish Kumkum was launched in Plastic Tubes in two sizes in mid seventies. Gradually the Brand  gained the top position amongst the Trade & the consumers for these varieties; nearly 18 million pieces are sold/year in three sub brands PoornimaDivyaa andPallavi.


Address:No. 3/17, Valluvar Street, Ramapuram, Chennai -600089, Tamil Nadu, India

Landline: +(91)-(44)-22492072,+(91)-(44)-22492690





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