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Today Archana Sweets and Snacks is a synonymous with commitment to quality and high degree of professionalism and use of state of the art technique in the manufacture of sweets, savories and snacks. Our branches of the concern speaks volumes about hygiene and service rendered by the organisation and the trust and reliability that the customers have reposed. Archana Sweets and Snacks caters to all sections of the public, in India – be it the melting mysorepauk of South or the multi variety sonepapdi of the North or the mouth watering rasagolla of East or the ever green dry fruits of the West - Archana Sweets and Snacks is the pioneer in the manufacture of such sweets in the rich tradition of the respective regions.

Archana Sweets and Snacks is now well established and firmly in saddle as one of the leading and exclusive sweets and savories manufacturer in South India . What started as a humble beginning it has now grown into a turnover concern. The driving force behind the concern now is Mr Raju.

Archana - a Quality catering service provider found its birth in the industry – who have more than two decades of experience in the industry.

Within a short span of time, Archana has become part and parcel of every home and corporate during functions and festivals.

Archana is known for quality, ethnic and traditionally made North Indian sweets & savories. Formulated on time-tested recipes and manufactured in ultramodern production facilities, the products capture all the ingredients in their rich fullness.

Our commitment to quality is so high that we will never compromise on it. In all our products along with pure ingredients, one can always sense our love in it. In fact, we are doing nothing more than sticking to our principles, ethics, and the business is flourishing by itself.

The specialty sweets include – all the Indian special foods and sweets like North, South, Punjabi, Marathi etc., and all types of vegetarian dishes.

We have well-trained and qualified cooks for all the dishes. We can arrange any amount of orders at any time.
Our main principal is quality, taste and quantity and prompt delivery..


No 70, Usman Road,
Chennai – 600 017.

TEL        : +91-044-2434 4440
MOBILE : +91-94432 51427
FAX        : +91-044-2434 4328






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