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Amazing Brain

Amazing Brain

Full Description

We are Amazing Brain (Abacus, Easy Maths, Fun learning and Amazing Brain InternationalPlaySchool) Our product is a proprietary memorizing learning method. Amazing Brain is a technique proven to enable you to unleash the often-unexplored part of your brain and to optimize the functions of the brain.

Amazing Brain development programmes are multi dimensional and designed to support children’s mental abilities, enabling them to survive and thrive on their later years. Attending development programmes, ensures the child not only mental health but also intellectual curiosity, social, confidence and a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

Amazing Brain was established in the year 2008 in the month   of   September at Chennai,  Amazing Brain started its Indian operations.  Bringing the Concept to India as a National Franchiser,  Amazing Brain INDIA took the responsibility of spreading the concept in the entire country to benefit the children across all parts.  Ever since inception, the company grew steadily appointing franchises not only in Chennai but also outside the city – in various district locations.

Today, Amazing Brain has centers not only in the entire state of Tamil Nadu but spread to other states adjoining and far off. Major Cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Cochin, Mumbai, Baroda, New Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh have dedicated centers enrolling hundreds of children. With the appointment of Master Franchises in other states, Amazing Brain is decentralizing its operations with the sole idea of reaching out to more and more children and thus benefiting them.


What is the best learning age for the children:

According to analysis, the development and growth of the brain will begin from 4 to 6 years at a high speed, the progression will then slow down after 12 years when growth reaches 75%.

In order to give equal reign to the overall intelligence of the cerebrum, both the right and left brain must be trained at the same time at the right age. The creativity function from the right brain needs to be boosted by the information stored in the left-brain, in order for the child to become an excellent scientist, engineer, designer or businessperson. Famous achievers such as Einstein, Picasso and Shakespeare have actively used the right brain.

If you want your child to be a high achiever, enroll in ” abacus and mental arithmetic program



  • The Human brain has two halves: the right and the left
  • The left-brain is linear and logical. The right brain is intuitive.
  • When confronted with problems, the left-brain being logical, reasons out how intense will be the problem and allowing that to prevail on the mind, will make a person give up his goal.
  • The way the right brain interprets the goal is different. It is not logical but creative and thinks about new methods to reach the goal.

The right brain is able to “VISUALISE” the final scene of goal achievement and will not rest till newer methods of reaching the goal are found

Amazing Braine for Children:

• 4 – 12 Years Old Children

• For Whole Brain Development Specially

• Right Brain

• For Lifetime Skills


• The abstract numbers are converted into IMAGE format and then arithmetic operation are done

Class & Duration:

• 24 months programme .

• 8 terms of 3 months each.

• 12 classes per term.

• One class once a week for two hours.

• After the school hours.

• Does not clash with School curriculum.

Left & Right Brain Functions:

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