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360 Property Management

360 Property Management

Full Description

360 Property Management Services was founded in 2011 by KRST Chockalingam and his NRI friends with a vision to provide transparent, efficient and trustworthy property management solutions to Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and Indians from other states. The founders have over 20 years of hardcore experience in Construction, Trading, Manufacturing and Service Industries.

360 Property Management Services provides quality Property Management solutions that encompass original bookings, investments, documentation, transfers, property survey, buying and selling of residential and commercial properties, relocation services, renovation, property maintenance, Managing tenants, Rental Assistance, Plot Monitoring, Major Repairs and Maintenance Contracting, facility management, Event Management, Commercial property, Rental property management, New commercial and residential building Construction, NRI services, Managing NRI’s affairs, tenant handling services, House Apartments Villas flats maintenance for NRI’s, Caretakers for NRI Properties in Chennai and Coimbatore. Other cities can also be handled on specific requests and on special rates.

NRIs who want to buy, sell or rent property finds the going tough as they are not able to evaluate local market conditions due to poor access to legal information. This is where reliable property management services company like 360 Property Management Services comes handy. With our analysis and information that we share, we will make sure you make highly informed choice every time.

KRST Chockalingam

Being a qualified engineer, he was part of many successful construction projects in Chennai and Coimbatore. Being versatile, he never shied away from venturing into manufacturing and later representing a marketing company. On a regualr basis he was managing many of his NRI friends real estate investments in Tamilnadu and cordinating with them. Lot of experience was gained from these assignments. To capitalize on the growing Real Estate Industry he along with long term NRI friends promoted this company in 2011. He finds fulfillment and satisfaction by serving people. Through 360 Property Management Services in Chennai and Coimbatore he wants to provide great service that far exceeds the expectation of our clients. Mr. Chockalingam involves himself in the day-to-day operations of the company.

A-10 Anand square,
30 Govindan Road,
West Mamblam, Chennai 600033
Phone: +91 92 82 32 4333



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