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  • OKOT


    OKOT Book bank

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    OKOT BOOK BANK is one of the leading book bank in Tamilnadu. We have branches in chennai and coimbatore and serving thousands of students in tamilnadu. We are lending Engineering, Computer, Management,Bio and commerce books to thousands of people in and around chennai
  • Diamonds


    Diamonds Book Bank

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    DBB is a boon to Engineering students where they can borrow their semester books worth Rs. 2500 for just Rs. 500. Books will be delivered directly to your house. Books can be retained for a period of one semester and also can be exchanged .You can lend any book relevant to your syllabus. We have a vast collection of Indian and Foreign author books. Incase of unavailability of books that you request , we will make sure to get them with in a period of one week
  • Hindustan


    Hindustan book bank A unit of Hindustan Group of Instution

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    Hindustan Book Bank was established in 1995 to provide the best services to the students of technical education. Hindustan Book Bank is dedicated towards providing books in all branches of technical education and career guidance programmes.