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  • Kids Little

    Kids Little

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    With Great passion, we started this school to give good start in education to the kids. We teach the joy of learning and good etiquette


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    Little Elly, the Concept Pre-school was born with the desire to nurture the child and lay a healthy foundation for a learned society. It is a noble initiative of Learning Edge India Pvt Ltd in association with Glen Tree, UK who are pioneers in serving the learning needs of Kids for the last one decade. Learning is a continuous process throughout our lives, culminating into a lifelong pursue of knowledge and wisdom. The early years of Childhood are wonderful years and therefore crucial for their formation. It has been established through numerous studies that the first five years are the most formative years for a child’s all round development. The little pink Elephant is the mascot for ‘Little Elly’, who will be a learning companion for the child at every stage. Elly will help his friend to be cheerful, successful and independent – able to function in the real world, a demanding place.