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Sathyam Roads

Sathyam Roads

Full Description

Mr.Manivasagam.V established the Sathyam Road & Infrastructure in 1999. His conviction coupled with strong marketing abilities and zeal to lead the team professionally in overall interest of the Company has ensured continual growth of the Company

A perfectionist and achiever, he is the Managing Partner of the Company. He established Sathyam Road & Infrastructure at a very young age of 27 and has been a Partner since inception and is responsible for the overall day-to-day management of the company. Rich experience coupled hands on experience in Domestic markets, has given him an apt ability to foresee sector requirements, well in advance.

He has extensive experience in the Road management of various civil engineering projects. He personally ensures that quality product and service is provided to the clients. It is therefore only befitting that the Sathyam Road & Infrastructure is being lead under his able guidance and leadership skills.

Our Services includes Road Contractors Chennai, Infrastructure Development and Contrators, Land Developments, Highways, Corporation, Pavers Contractors, Road Construction Contractors in Chennai.

We are the Best Road Contractors in Chennai, Infrastructure Development Land Development in chennai, Highways Contractors in Chennai, Corporation Contractors Chennai, Pavers Contractors, Road Construction Contractors in Chennai

Sathyam Road & Infrastructure one of the leading Road and Infrastructure Development, Construction and Project Management Companies in India with more than 10 Years of rich and varied experience in execution of landmark projects across the length and breadth of the TamilNadu.

With established credentials in executing complex and challenging projects in all kinds of environment, Sathyam Road & Infrastructure has repeatedly delivered projects on time and of the highest quality.

An abundance of resources like People, Plant & Equipment, Finances etc, has enabled Sathyam Road & Infrastructure establish an enviable record in the infrastructure sphere.

Solid Blocks, Hallow Blocks, Paving Blocks, Inter Locking Blocks, Bitumen Roads, Kerb Walls, Tar Roads Contractors, Cement Road Contractors in Chennai.

We provide the following Services

Engineers and Contractors.
Formation of Roads (Asphalt’s Cement Concrete)..
Land Development and Mechanized Earth Work.
Supplying and Laying of Interlocking Paving Blocks.
Consultancy for all types of Roads / Tennis courts.
Construction for walls, Culverts & Drains.
New Initiatives

Sathyam Road & Infrastructure for more than Twenty years has demonstrated its capabilities in sectors such as Roads/Paver Blocks/Earth Work, Buildings and Industrial Structures, Supplying and Laying, culverts & Drains. Considering the vast potential available in the infrastructure sphere, Sathyam Road & Infrastructure has initiated forays into new business segments such as:

Water and Water Treatment
Industrial Construction

With the New Initiatives’ in place and varied expertise technology taking the lead, Sathyam Road & Infrastructure is now on the mission to create world class infrastructure to enhance quality of life.

Organization Direction

Our Mission

To deliver infrastructure projects ensuring total customer satisfaction
To develop a highly skilled and motivated team of professionals and project participants.
Land Development and Mechanized Earth Work.
To constantly adopt innovative methods and latest technologies
To adopt best practices and methods this will protect the environment and help the development of our employees and the society.
Our Core Values Involving People

Sathyam achieves success through involvement of people at all levels both within and outside the organization. Sathyam are encouraged to Continuously Consult, Collaborate and Contribute ideas encompassing all aspects of the business.

Involving people is facilitated by the transparency in approach, Non hierarchal structure and encouragement for innovation.

By involving people we motivate associates, enhance their sense of belonging and instill entrepreneurial spirit.

Environmental Policy

Information, innovation, and communication in real time are at the foundation of applying knowledge. This is facilitated by a fully networked organization which is intelligently connected.

We believe in staying ahead of the knowledge curve, and the adaptation of appropriate know-how to design, develop, test, and deliver top-notch products and solutions to our customers.

Making Things Happen

Sathyam make things happen by consistently designing, developing, constructing and delivering to clients’ projects and meeting global standards in quality every time.

Solid Blocks in Chennai, Hallow Blocks, Paving Blocks Chennai, Inter Locking Blocks, Bitumen Roads in Chennai, Kerb Walls in Chennai, Tar Roads Contractors, Cement Road Contractors in Chennai.

Sathyam carefully visualize the expected outcome, draw up plans, take up development and construction activity in earnest, test and validate performance, monitor progress and enable course correction in real time, and promptly deliver to the customer’s delight and thus ensure efficient utilization of capital resources.

Quality Policy

At Sathyam Road and Infra, every employee is dedicated to a continuous improvement of quality standards in every sphere of activity.

The detailed Quality Policy is backed up by an independent quality control department manned by highly trained Quality professionals armed with the latest tools and systems for ensuring the highest quality standards throughout the company.

Sathyam Road & Infrastructureis committed to be the leader in Civil Engineering Construction with a Motto of ‘Success through Quality’ and provide total customer satisfaction through.

Managing Partner.
1, Astalakshmi Nagar, 4th Street, Velachery,
Chennai-600 042.
Cell: + 91- 94441 54419, +91 93829 54409
Off: 044-2259 2692


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